Kedren Health + L.A. Care Health Plan

Kedren Health Receives Grant from L.A. Care Health Plan


LACare-Logo1-01 (LOS ANGELES, 1/31/17) – Kedren Community Health Center has received a $150,000 grant from L.A. Care Health Plan to provide comprehensive clinical services and services related to housing, employment support, substance abuse and mental health for recently incarcerated and re-entry populations. The funding will enable Kedren Community Health Centerto give 200 of these clients a holistic health service which would cover their behavior and physical health needs.All clients are introduced to Kedren’s primary care and are linked with a Care Coordinator. Participants receive physical examinations, visual acuity screening, immunizations, screening and management for chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol, and other health-related services in culturally and linguistically competent ways.

Our behavioral and physical health providers are familiar with the conditions of the clients (i.e. chronic illness and disorders) and collaboratively aide the client to become accustomed to attending to all appointments, understanding all their needs, prescriptions, and their health accountability. Each client meets with the Kedren’s Health Educator/ Care Coordinator, who completes an initial assessment and begins a care coordination plan per client’s needs. The Care Coordination Plan acts as a bridge between both Primary Care and Behavioral Health departments. The document contains vital information in regard to the participant’s recent treatment in both Behavioral Health and Primary Care. The overall goal is to empower the participant to take on a bigger role in their treatment, and to be able to provide the clients and their treatment team with a clear and concise view of their treatment goals.

Kedren Community Health Center is one of a number of grantees chosen through a competitive process as part of L.A. Care’s initiative to…in Los Angeles County.

This project is funded in part by L.A. Care Health Plan to improve community and public health in Los Angeles County. With nearly 2 million members, L.A. Care is the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan.