Kedren provides mental health care and general medical care, in order to address comprehensive wellness and a collaborative treatment among physicians for optimal patient care. Kedren's holistic integrated delivery system allows for optimal success as the pillars of a healthy community are centrally located on one campus.

Kedren provides high-quality, free, preschool and family services for children 0-5 years of age. We have been providing programs and services to families in the greater Los Angeles community for almost 50 years. Parents are involved in the operation and administration of the program, building their skills to serve as the first teachers of their children, and are encouraged in leadership roles within the agency.

For the past five years, Kedren has been providing mental health and supportive services to 102 units for a variety of affordable housing developers. These relationships have ignited a spark, as we embark on a strategic pursuit to increase access to Permanent Supporting Housing, as affordable housing is essential for recovery and maintaining wellness.

Kedren has understood the relationship of employment to overall well-being, which is why we assist members of the community with attaining gainful employment though partnerships with other organizations or placement within the organization.